Water Environment Federation WEFTEC23

Published on 02 October 2023

From sensors to data driven solutions, an exploration of how the synergy of innovation is shaping the future of water management.

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This year, Chicago played host to WEFTEC23, providing an opportunity to explore how the transformative power of innovation is shaping the future of water management. The event took place over a period of three days and offered some very interesting insights such as the optimisation of sensor deployment to drive effective data analysis through the alignment of business process and operational needs. The integration of sensor generated data directly into business processes enhances operational efficiency allowing businesses to identify bottlenecks, predict maintenance needs, enhance overall productivity and create a culture of continuous improvement.

The convergence of sensor technology, AI and machine learning was also prominently featured. We have the tools to design intelligent systems that not only capture targeted, high-quality data but can also make sense of it. This synergy enables us to understand our networks and systems comprehensively, leading the way for more informed decision making.

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