Eastbourne 'slow the flow' water butt project

Our Rainwater are focused on supporting communities to harness their rainwater for local use. By catching and controlling the release of rainwater from slow release water butts, our projects support environmental improvements in local water bodies.

Green 'slow release' water butt

Our climate is changing, with extreme weather events such as heatwaves, drought and flooding expected to become more frequent. Capturing the rainwater falling on your roof may help to promote a healthier environment by helping to reduce flood risk, sewer spills into the environment and enhancing resilience against drought.

Caroline Ansell MP has been working together with Southern Water to secure 100 free slow-release water butts for Eastbourne. These water butts differ from the traditional rain tank or 'water butt' because they allow rainwater to leak slowly into the drainage system.

These slow release water butts are supplied and installed completely for free for eligible residents, so sign up today and find out if you are eligible.

This scheme is being delivered in collaboration with The Blue Heart Project.

The goal of Blue Heart is to try out innovative ways to predict and mitigate the impact of flooding in Eastbourne and southern Wealden. This will benefit local people, businesses and the environment. What we learn will also help inform projects around the UK and beyond.

Find out more about the Blue Heart Project.

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Register your interest for a free Southern Water 'slow-release' water butt today!

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