Southern Water 'slow release' water butt

The Southern Water 'slow release' water butt has been chosen as a solution in your area to 'slow the flow' of rainwater into the drainage system. These water butts differ from the traditional rain tank or 'water butt' because they allow the rainwater to leak slowly into the drainage system.

How do they work?

Southern Water have provided further information about how these slow drain rain tanks work. Rainwater from your roof flows down your downpipe and is redirected into the rain tank. In a traditional water butt, this water is stored until you use it. However, in a 'slow release' water butt, a drain is installed at a set point on the water butt so that any excess water can drain slowly into the drainage system. The remaining water that is left in the water butt can then be used to water the plants in your garden.

What are the dimensions?

Top width: 68cm (27 inches)
Bottom width: 48cm (19 inches)
Height (without stand): 90cm (35 inches)
Height (with stand): 122cm (48 inches)
Capacity: 200 Litres

Green 'slow release' water butt

But why Eastbourne and how does this project work? Wondering why you should care and take part?

Why Eastbourne?

We are working in collaboration with Blue Heart to help tackle issues related to flooding that impact your area.

Surrounding areas of Eastbourne were previously used for grazing, with water flow managed through channels. However, houses and roads have been built and now need protection. Impermeable rock prevents water soaking into the ground, causing run off which is difficult to control. Urban areas face similar issues due to tarmac and concrete which don’t let water seep into the ground. Instead drains can become overwhelmed by heavy rainfall leading to surface water flooding.

This is made worse by Eastbourne’s Victorian sewerage system which was not designed for the current population or changes in climate and weather which has lead to more extreme rainfall events.

Eastbourne faces a unique set of circumstances and problems which must be addressed by multiple methods.

Key to this is slowing the flow of rainwater into the drainage system and harvesting rainwater is a method that may contribute to positive change . . .

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