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Working together to create change

Our aim is to transform the future of rainwater management to help reduce surface water flooding and sewer spills into the environment. We connect organisations such as water companies and local authorities with communities who are passionate about change.

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A free, more sustainable source of water

Our climate is changing and our water supplies are under increasing pressure. Through downpipe disconnection schemes we help communities to capture and preserve our most precious resource – our rainwater! 

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Streamlining rainwater management

Our end-to-end service empowers rainwater management that works for communities. From sparking initial engagement, to managing sign-ups, and delivering installation, we streamline the process for the organisations, installers, and communities that we work with.

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If we all work together to capture the rainwater falling on our roofs we can start to make a difference. Why are we letting this precious resource flow into the drain? If we all capture our rainwater, we might be able to help reduce surface water flooding, and sewer spills into our rivers. We can also store the water to use on the garden when the weather is dry.

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Our SaaS platform revolutionises residential smart stormwater management

Our innovative approach places positive engagement with communities at the heart of our platform. Through this we help water companies to demonstrate their commitment to deliver change. Our solution is both scalable and effective, offering measurable benefits for water companies and the communities they serve.

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We champion sustainable solutions empowered though collective action

Our service, combined with our team's expertise, provides the systems required to bring local authorities and communities together. Our approach delivers innovative solutions for surface water flooding, sewage spills into the environment, and resilience against drought.

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Re-thinking rainwater with the help of our younger generations

Our partnerships with schools are driving action to manage stormwater in more sustainable and creative ways. We are able to work with schools to provide custom learning materials, workshops, and activities that are designed to help students to become a core part of positive change in their schools and communities.

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