Thames Water Rainplanter Scheme Ending Soon!

Last chance to take part in the Thames Water Rainplanter Scheme for Lambeth residents!

Do you live on Crimsworth Road, Goldsboro Road, or Thorparch Road? Then you may be eligible for a free rainplanter! Our service is completely free from sign up through to installation and it is very easy to take part. 

This pilot scheme aims to help mitigate surface water flooding and reduce negative implications of heavy rainfall as experienced in July 2021. You can help protect your home, neighbours, and the community! 

Rainplanter with flowers in Lambeth, London

What are the benefits of taking part?  

  • Capture rainwater that can be used for your plants, garden, and outdoor areas (all for free!) 
  • Reduce surface water flooding and help prevent drainage networks from being overwhelmed.
  • Reduce impact of heavy rainfall events such as in July 2021.
  • Help protect your home, neighbours, and community.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what local residents have to say: 

‘…the one at the front of our house looks fabulous!  We are really happy!’

 ‘It looks amazing, thank you so much Thames Water.’

Are you a renter, landlord or live in apartments or flats? 

You can still receive a free rainplanter and contribute to reducing flooding on your street as well as utilising the captured water for plants or gardens.

Encourage your landlord or management company to take part in this scheme and ask them to sign up.

Signing up is hassle-free and efficient!

This is the last chance for properties on Crimsworth Road, Goldsboro Road, and Thorparch Road in the Lambeth area.

Sign up before it is too late! 

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