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SuDS in Schools - Eastbourne

A case study in student-led sustainable drainage system design to transform our schools' relationships with rainwater


Our Rainwater has worked with the Blue Heart Project to collaborate with students at a number of schools in Eastbourne, transforming their school’s relationship with rainwater. The Department of Education-funded projects provide an engaging and educational way to expand our younger generation's understanding of rainwater, as well as equip schools with systems that can help reduce surface water flooding both on-site and in the local community.

A collage of pictures showing the activities students explored to learn about managing rainwater.

Inspiring the next generation

Students have explored the different ways in which water can impact our towns and cities through fun, collaborative, and educational activities. These activities have been developed to be meaningful and worthwhile for a wide range of learners by our Education Consultant Nick Couzens. You can read more about his work in Eastbourne in our news article.

The experience has helped students to design the rainwater harvesting systems that they would like to see around their own school, driving engagement and a sense of ownership in creating benefits for their school and community.

Tackling local challenges

Flooding is a major issue in Eastbourne that is influenced by a number of complex factors. By collecting rainwater at large premises such as schools, we are able to slow the flow of run-off from impermeable ground. This can help to reduce the risk of major issues such as surface water flooding and sewage spills into our water ways. These systems can also help schools to become more drought resilient in the face of more extreme changes to our weather and climate.

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Students are engaged in developing their own School’s new SuDS systems

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Downpipes will be disconnected from the sewage network around the school and connected to new SuDS systems

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Rainwater will be captured and slowed at each school that we work with, helping to reduce run-off into the community

An investment into our students, schools, and communities

Through a fully funded and Department for Education backed scheme, schools can collaborate with Our Rainwater on a project tailored to their needs. Our work aims to inspire learning about a sustainable future through engaging and educational projects, whilst also delivering real benefits both on the school’s own premises and for the surrounding communities.

Experts in SuDS solutions

Our Rainwater is developing unique rainwater harvesting solutions for each school that take inspiration from the designs that the school’s students created during their engagement day with Nick Couzens.

Our Rainwater’s network and experience across a variety of projects enables us to work with schools to deliver tailored and effective solutions that provides schools with great benefits at all stages in the process from conception, to installation, and beyond.
A team of installers are preparing SuDS systems to be installed with Our Rainwater

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