Preparing for your installation

Our installation team will be able to take care of installing your new system so that you can start capturing rainwater, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure everything is ready before they arrive.

Clear access.

Our installation team will need to take their tools and parts to the location where they will be carrying out the installation. If you are able to check that there is an accessible route for them to do this it will help to make sure that the team can get started on your installation quickly for you.

Move any plants and pots.

If you are able to, moving plant pots and other objects from next to the downpipe can help to make sure the installation goes to plan. The installers will be able to do this if required, but they may need you to let them know what can and cannot be moved to make space for the installation.

Think about access requirements.

Sometimes the installations need to be positioned in certain ways to make sure that access is not obstructed around your property. For example, the installers might need to make sure that enough room is left to get things such as bins, bikes, or lawnmowers past. Please consider whether you have any requirements such as this that the team will need to keep in mind.

Look out for updates.

Our installation team will always aim to arrive for your installation during the time slot that we organise with you. However, if something doesn't go to plan, we will get in touch with you over the phone so that you are kept up to date with any changes that could affect your installation.

Installation team adjusting a rainwater downpipe

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